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- It's a beautiful work and full of amazing references that bring back memories from childhood visiting my relations in Irvinestown, Lisnaskea and Enniskillen. My only regret is that my mother was not alive to see it as she would have had loads of tales to tell, no doubt, as she turned the pages. It's a gift I will treasure and I will undoubtedly go on line and buy a few more for the extended family as gifts. Paul Brady

- I am honoured to have received such a wonderful record of life as it once was, much of it in my own living memory. I have only dipped into it and I
look forward to spending more time in it over the coming weeks. This is a very special publication. It is wonderful that your Dad's is receiving such richly deserved recognition. It gives such a unique and priceless view of a world that has disappeared in our lifetime...contains valuable information that will be essential for what may lie ahead.....Sincerely Yours....Christy Moore

- After much anticipation, I received the book only to find that for a minute, I wish I had any bit of Irish blood that perhaps might help me understand the book a little better. For those of us who are not too familiar with old Irish customs and ways, it can be a little difficult to grasp. It is not difficult, however, to be in awe of it. Mr. Mc Keagney’s talent, passion, and conviction are prevalent from the moment one lays their eyes on his masterpiece! And while it may not take me back to a place I had once been, it takes me to places I’d like to know. I thank Mr. Mc Keagney (RIP) for his gift and I thank his family for sharing it with the rest of the world. Angela Madrid

- This is a book which reflects the dedication, love and lifelong commitment to Irish Folklore of Johnny McKeagney. Like numerous other people who have left comments here, I also spent an afternoon with him which I found to be uplifting and inspiring. Put simply, this is a brilliant book. Nnamdi Aghanya, Glasgow

- Con piacere la mia traduzione. After meeting him, on June 25th, at Cleenish Island with my parish of St. Columban in Riva of Suzzara (Mantova), the eve of the Columbanus Festival, I could greet Johnny, at Tempo, November 25th. Preserving precious memory of his personality and amazed by his work invaluable to the Irish memory particularly of the island where young Columbanus studied. Near the wife who gave him esteem and affection till the end, waiting for the Riva of Heaven, with grateful memory, Seguirà lettera. Un caro saluto alla mamma. Don Giorgio Bugada

- One of our pupils won a Northern Ireland public speaking competition and together we agreed to use some of her prize money to buy a copy.  It is a fascinating book and is now on display in the library, for the use of all.  It will be treasured for many years to come.
Eileen Bleakley, School Librarian, Collegiate Grammar School, Enniskillen

- A beautiful and wonderful visual feast is "In The Ould Ago".  So much happened in County Fermanagh.  Sad to see that Johnny passed on, but the book is a wonderful credit to the man. Dan

- We first saw Johnny's work during August whilst visiting Enniskillen. Myself, my wife and my kids were held spellbound by his drawings. We were aware that a book was being produced and I was looking forward to using Christmas as an excuse to purchase it. I was shocked on carrying out a search on the web to discover that Johnny has passed away. We would like to pass on our deepest condolences to the family and will take great pleasure in giving the book pride of place in our house here in Rostrevor, Co Down. Best Regards Liam & Niamh Robertson

- I bought Johnny's book and think the drawings and story they tell is so graphic, every time I look at it I see something different.  Absolutely fantastic.  Very proud to have known him my lifetime and deeply saddened by his sudden passing yesterday.  His boots will be hard to fill, I am so glad he got to see this work of art for that's what it is in print and doing so well.  Linda Swindle

- Wow. This is great art and every inch is a different woven story. Mee hats off to yah! John Fowler

- An absolute must have for anyone interested in social history. The illustrations alone are stunning and justify a purchase. The amount of work invested and the overall production quality are beyond belief. Brian Brophy

- This is book that will spend very little time gathering dust on a shelf, rather it is an alive living breathing well of knowledge. I loved the journey through it and will return many times more. Manus and Patrick are in good hands receiving your stories first hand. We have come a long way since the way of life so well depicted in this volume, yet its what is so much part of us on our journey-Thanks for the love and patience you have invested to bring this to life. Nick Jordan, San Juan Capistrano, California

- We are just thrilled for Johnny.  Last year, while researching our Mills family in Tempo with a friend, Johnny spent the day with us and explained the whole town including the home our ancestors lived in from 1878 through 1924.  He took us to him home and showed us all of his illustrations and we encouraged him to get them published so we could purchase the book ourselves.  Congratulations Johnny, we are all indebted to you for this immense work.  It must have been a busy year for you!!  We wish you every success in the sale of this book and will purchase one ourselves.  May I say also, that we throughly enjoyed our day with Johnny.  He is a consummate gentleman, extremely talented and very generous with his time.  I don't know if you get these emails Johnny, but thanks so much for completing this work.  We so look forward to purchasing the book. Wayne and Pat d'Easum, Canada

- Fantastic book, a real gem. What a work of love and dedication.  Thank you Johnny and really enjoyed the launch in Tempo. May the book and your work travel far and wide x  Selene Fee

- Really delighted that the book has happened and very much looking forward to the two launches in Fermanagh - I'm sure there will be a great reaction to the book and that it will inspire others and stimulate a great deal of interest in the history and culture of our beloved Fermanagh!! Best wishes,  Seamas, Belcoo

- I am delighted that Johnny's book has been published.  I'm excited to acquire a copy for myself someday soon.  Fair play to ya Johnny!  You have done us all a great service. Lewis Blevins, USA

- I had the pleasure of spending the day with Johnny two years ago. I was trying to find out a little more about the local countryside and landmarks for a cross community school project. Just conversing with Johnny is amazing. His love of old tradition and his respect for his native land make him one of a kind. Well done Johnny and I look forward to reading your book. Fergal Mc Cann

- This is a book that I feared might never come to public knowledge, so modest is Johnny about his unique talents and so deeply engaged in giving his time generously while fostering good neighborliness and cross-cultural awareness wherever he goes. I first met him when I moved to Tempo from Greenwich, London in 1997. He gave me sight of his drawings and his skill in both the macro and micro representation of people, artifacts, flora/ fauna and historic locations, just cried out for the widest audience possible. Now it will happen. Over the years, Johnny took me to see pre-historic stone sweat-houses and newly opened Iron Age graves. One of my best times was a whole day spent with him at the Ulster/American Folk Park near Omagh. He's a genius. His book - In The Ould Ago - is the most beautiful book I have ever bought. He is one of nature's gentlemen. Tony Brady.

- If a picture paints a thousand words this is one huge book, with so much to be discovered at each turn of the page. Beautifully crafted and a lesson in our heritage. Well done, Johnny! Clo

- Looks great! Obviously years of love, attention and experience went into the production of this book. Will make the perfect Christmas present for anyone interested in Irish history. Gary, Sligo

- A copy should be in every library and school in Ireland. What a wonderful legacy....have a child, plant a tree and write a book. Eugene, Wicklow

- Wow, a true craftsman/artisan and historian, brilliant stuff! Barry

- Congratulations Johnny, fasinating and indepth piece of work. The illustrations are very skillfully done. A copy should be in every school library. Joe, Kerry

- Johnny McKeagney was participating in the famous TV Quiz show called Mastermind.  When he sat in the chair, the host Magnus Magnusson, leaned towards him and said... "Johnny, even I don't need to ask what your chosen subject is...." - Chuckles McGiggles

- Amazing illustrations and incredible attention to detail. A wonderfully disciplined, consistent and creative body of work which thoroughly deserves to be lauded. Genuinely beautiful! Keith,

- Cant wait to have the old place made alive again. have no doubt that musing over all Johnnys visits and pictures will give endless days of enjoyment. Great work Johnny, CONGRATULATIONS. Frank Mc Carney. 2010

- Johnny is the Sherlock Holmes of local history.  His clear drawings make it easy to grasp how the people lived.  You'll learn a few intriguing gems from the master! John

In The Ould Ago
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